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Meet The Team

Karen Petraborg, CCEP

Founder, Attorney, Mediator and Arbitrator

Notary Public by the State of Texas.

Karen is a Texas Attorney, UK Solicitor and a Mediator and Arbitrator.  Having over 30 years’ experience in conducting litigation and arbitration in both the UK and USA Karen fully understands the process you are facing.  Karen practices includes LCIA, ICC and AAA.  Karen also has experience handling a variety of commercial and family disputes including, professional Malpractice, breach of contract, auto cases, insurance coverage and Federal and state issues.  As a mediator Karen brings years of experience of settlements and has a track record for successful completion of mediated settlements.  Karen can help make your mediation journey easier and a brighter outcome. Karen Petraborg has experience in all construction claims for both employer and Contractor and has lead cases to trial and arbitration.  Now as a mediator Karen has all the skills needed to bring about a resolution and help the parties to close the issues and achieve a Mediated Settlement Agreement that is acceptable to all parties.


Robert Smallwood

Founder, Managing Partner, Mediator and Arbitrator

Having Mediated family and  complex civil cases for the past four years, there isn't much Robert has not seen in the realm of what can cause a dispute to form.  He makes it his passion as the mediator to help both sides cut through the noise and find what it is that are truly the issues in the case and assist both parties in coming to an agreement they can live with.  Robert's belief is that people will rarely ever leave a mediation truly happy, but should leave satisfied knowing that they spent much less, should have a working relationship with their opposing side afterwards, and that the issue is now behind them.  

Robert is a graduate of the University of Houston(BA hons.), South Texas College of Law- Houston (JD) and, Texas A&M University(MBA) as well as having completed a financial certification at Rice University.  


Kevin Petraborg


Kevin is a Mediator and has 30 years of business knowledge and practice with multinational companies in both USA and the Middle East.  His skill set draws on his real life experiences as he has first-hand knowledge and practice with cross cultural sensitivities.  Kevin’s vast knowledge of multinational industries and the industries which support and supply the Military make him an expert in helping facilitate commercial settlements.


Allison Rodabadi

Administrative Officer

Allison is the Administrative Officer at Northwest Mediation & Legal Consultation.  Allison holds degrees in teaching and paralegal science.  Allison uses her compassion, customer service, and multitasking skills to provide detailed support for attorneys and clients.  From complex contractual disputes to family mediation involving children, she is involved from the beginning to the end.  Allison assists clients by providing regular contact and updates, maintaining the case calendar and deadlines, and drafting pleadings and letters. She is also a registered Notary Public by the State of Texas.

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Monique Dermaux

Specialized Industry Advisor | Small Business Consultant

Monique has spent many years working with information technology and has gained experience by leading companies in diverse fields such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and Consumer Products.  Her expertise encompasses 3D computer-aided technologies, manufacturing automation, and product lifecycle management (PLM).  Monique assists Northwest Mediation by optimizing the latest technologies for social media, office automation and security technologies used in the mediation industry as well as consulting for clients in specialized technical industries.