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Corporate Mediation

Many Insurance disputes wind up in mediation, especially when insurance caps are involved.  Our firm is happy to assist attorneys and respective clients mediate to a mutual agreement between insurance providers and those who have suffered damages.

Insurance Dispute Mediation

Auto Cases


Everyone hates getting into an accident, even more so for your client when it's not your client's fault.  If an uninsured driver or an insurance company is disputing a claim for damages, we can help settle the case between your client and the opposing side by offering a non-biased neutral mediation.

Deceptive Trade Cases

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DTPA violations happen daily, and civil courts are reaching out to mediators more often than ever before to help victims and businesses come together to settle DTPA claims before it ends up in protracted litigation.  If your client has suffered a loss due to a harm which falls under the DTPA, or if your business is being sued under the DTPA statutes, please consider Northwest Mediation to help settle the claim.

Breach of Contract Cases

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Within the civil court realm, there is no case more prevalent than a breach of contract case.  Whether it be a supplier issue or a client refusing to pay under the terms of the contract, small businesses and consumers can both be harmed when a breach of contract occurs.  Like all cases in civil court, these breaches take time to go through the process so mediating can often be one's best bet to recover under contract.  If your business has a mediation clause, or if the court has ordered mediation to be done please consider us at Northwest Mediation to help settle any breach of contract dispute.

Construction Litigation & Arbitration

Signing a Contract

The general claims for Extensions of Time and loss and expense claims amongst other claims that arise under the construction contract rely heavily on the technical details and evidence.  Not many cases make it all the way to trial or arbitration hearing.  Resolution of some kind usually occurs and depends on the type of clause in the contract itself.  Both parties take a realistic view of money and time as well as the costs incurred in litigation and arbitration process.  Mediation is often the go to for both parties as each side feel that they have their say at mediation as the parties shape the mediation.  The outcome is generally reasoned and acceptable to both sides, it can save lots of time and expense of trial.  The downside is that the decision maker has to be available at the mediation.  This can be difficult to achieve but has to be the person with authority to sign the check.  We do advise that the experience will usually inform the decision maker about the organization and be a saving in some way.  Attorneys for both sides are specialists and great value to the mediation processes they have the case details and specialist knowledge required.  As mediators we aim for the best outcome for both sides and we do prefer if clients provide a mediation brief so we can prepare a worse and best position to help steer and guide the mediation process.  Success depends on many factors and doesn’t always happen in one day but we aim to close all mediation issues within a full day mediation

Personal Injury

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Damages in Personal Injury cases can vary significantly and depend heavily on the medical experts and other documentation and discovery available.  Most civil litigations settles prior to trial.  Mediation is an effective method to assist the settlement negotiations to achieve the best outcome.  Many factors need to be considered and as your mediator we can help assess and evaluate as well as identify the strengths and weaknesses of both sides to bring together a acceptable full settlement.