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We specialize in Family Law and Business Mediation as well as Insurance and Contract disputes.

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Family & Divorce Mediation

“Family mediation” means the mediation of disputes in actions for divorce, annulment, establishment of paternity, child custody or visitation, or child or spousal support.

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Corporate Mediation

 A Corporate Mediator is called upon to resolve disputes within a corporation. A company may choose a Corporate Mediator to help facilitate communication between shareholders/board members in order to reach a win-win solution.

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Zoom Mediation

Northwest Mediation now offers remote online mediation.  Parties in dispute can meet in person or remote mediation is available through video conferencing. This allows the disputed parties to discuss  and settle their case in a format that is most convenient.

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Construction Litigation &

The general claims for Extensions of Time and loss and expense claims amongst other claims that arise under the construction contract rely heavily on the technical details and evidence.  Not many cases make it all the way to trial or arbitration hearing.  Resolution of some kind usually occurs and depends on the type of clause in the contract itself. 

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Personal Injury

Damages in Personal Injury cases can vary significantly and depend heavily on the medical experts and other documentation and discovery available.  Most civil litigations settles prior to trial. 


"Robert Smallwood is an amazing mediator. Very talented and skilled at being a mediator. I was highly impressed. He is on my list of go-to mediators from now on. Our mediation was very smooth and Mr. Smallwood exhibited the utmost professionalism. He was also patient with the parties. All-in-all, 100% recommend him for your mediations. You will be highly satisfied with the results; my client and I sure were!"

— Houston Attorney

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